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Electronic music/Video art

Cairo, Egypt 2015

Every one of us has his secret room, a virtual room, where each one of us holds his secret inside this room, this secret room could have memories, scenes with old friends, papers and contracts, hidden elements which everyone wants to make secret away from the people. In our big secret room, we save all our personal experience which we realized from the outside
society, the elements in the secret room it is the outcome of our transactions with the society in which we live in, with some personal relations, old photos and many many of the scenes that we were playing a role in it.
Some of the elements in our secret room we did not like to keep only in our hearts, sometimes we want to share it with someone without talking about details, or with it, to know more about how we can solve our problems, and how we can be stronger more than we are.
Over the changing scenes of the city, inside the secret room, there are a couple living in the heart of the city, have no idea what’s going outside! Try to adjust to the conditions the city where is away from the minds thousands of miles.

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