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electronic music/video art


If you look at any of the novels of Naguib Mahfouz you will always find those characters with the gorgeous characteristics and Aureole or halo above their heads, as well as in the movies taken from his literature, whether he wrote the script or didn’t, there remain luminous aura about that specific character, and some of those who had been representing the roles of Naguib Mahfouz luckier than others in caching this aura and tracing Naguib Mahfouz `s written words literally and spiritually and there are a lot of books that discussed, analyzed and criticize Naguib Mahfouz`s literature in cinema, but the idea of the sacred one did not be touched, especially in art.

Sometimes, it seems as if Naguib Mahfouz is the director through his novels, he explains the situation Accurately and addressing to the mode of expression and lucky those actors who traced the guidances of his words and achieved a great success in their career; the concept of the saint could be different from person to person, but it means to be a wide range of characteristics summarized in the idea of spiritual chastity which has been contaminated by modern world. 

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