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The Breakfast  sound installation   Berlin, Germany 2016

The Breakfast

sound installation 

Berlin, Germany 2016


In the course of exploring the morning atmosphere that surrounds people during their breakfast, I have become interested in the sounds involved. Whether at breakfast places, in houses, at workplaces, restaurants, or even people who do have their breakfast in the street, the sound of breakfast wherever you are, marks the beginning of a fresh new day. Between the sounds of dishes, cups, coffee machines, silverware, boiling water, morning discussions, transportation, television or radio news programs, all those sounds change depending on the style and location of the breakfast, accordingly, I am interested in presenting a curatorial experience that combines the different surrounding sounds and images that accompany a day-to-day event, one that is usually overlooked by people…Breakfast.

“The Breakfast” audio/visual art project is not restricted to one place, street, or city. Instead, this project combines the daily experiences of different artists as well as the experiences of the people they choose to integrate into their works.“The Breakfast” project aims at connecting people all over the world at one time doing the same thing. However, that same act is performed differently either due to different customs or traditions or even the place. Thus, the outcome is an auto utopian mixture that trespasses borders and connects people and their traditions in one simple act. It is the act of sitting down and having a breakfast meal.

breakfast like an emperor

lunch like a king

supper like a beggar

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