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The Lady and the Faith / The guardsman

electronic music installation

Montalbano Di Dlicona, Sicily, Italy   2014

In Italy, Yara Mekawei, Alaa Abdel Hamid, and Katarzyna Sitarz, spent their art residency in a small town above the mountains in Montalbano d’ancona, Sicily, where they work on their project, they found an open and deserted old house with 6 rooms, is not completely empty, but containing the remains of its contents, the residents of the house left it since more than  20 years ago, (Don Pedro) the owner of this house was a farmer,  wines and olive oil maker, he lived alone in his last days after the death of his wife and daughter. Artists got this information through talks with residents of the village, they decided to work on this project by using all the elements of the house, which they found, inspired by the spirit of the inhabitants, conserved the old nature of the house.  
“Guard” project inspired by sculptures of Alaa Abdel-Hamid, who used many of the elements where he found in the old house to create his sculptural as “guard” who had been guarding the house after the death of (without Piedro), Yara with music inspired by the sounds of nature surrounding the house foundation for her music inspired by some of the sentences thinker Mustafa Mahmoud nature with musical classics Om Kalthoum, with a performance of expressive dance Kasha.


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