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Exposition Matieres Sensibles -c- Julien
Exposition Matieres Sensibles -c- Julien

120 Morning

Sound Installation

Roubaix, France 2021

In a time of silence, I do not have words to say. 

In the situation of emptiness, I do not have the ability to move. 

In the bustling city, everyone is retreating, the movement decreases, and the noise finds another mold. What used to be heard over the years, the sound frequency changed, and darkness dominated the noisy city, I always see the sound, but I saw that the sound does not voice. 

A sound diary is a collection of audio recordings that document daily experiences, thoughts, and emotions. It's a personal and reflective medium that allows individuals to express themselves and capture the sounds of their lives. It is a way to preserve memories and experiences in an intimate and visceral way that written or visual mediums cannot always capture.

Recording a sound diary is the ability to capture sounds that are often overlooked or forgotten in daily life. For example, the sound of birds singing in the morning, the sound of a train passing by, or the sound of rain tapping against the window. These sounds may seem insignificant at the time, but when listened to later, they can evoke powerful emotions and memories.

A sound diary can also be a therapeutic tool, allowing individuals to process their emotions and reflect on their experiences in a unique way. The act of recording and listening to one's own voice can be empowering and can help individuals gain insight into their own thoughts and feelings.

In addition, a sound diary can also serve as a valuable historical document. It can capture the sounds and voices of a particular time and place, and provide a glimpse into the daily life and culture of a community. This can be especially important in the context of marginalized or underrepresented communities, whose stories and experiences may not be well-documented in traditional historical records.

During 120 days I record sounds from different times every day, in the same location but slowly everything changed.  

During the situation of lockdown, I used the same place, my family home, where we are living in the noisy city in East Cairo; The bustling city, its crowded streets, and the 24-hour shops are almost empty. In the morning I used to listen to the street vendors. I started to hear the sound of birds because they have more freedom of movement than people.

Over the course of these days, I made records throughout the day, noting the changes in the area in which I live, Recordings of silent noise. The feeling was silent noise, oscillations in my body, but that did not last for long, the white noise just remains.


This project is part of ‘Of Materials and things’, curated by Exit Frame. The exhibition is presented as part of the season "Un Quartier Généreux" by La Condition Publique, organized on the occasion of the Africa2020 Season.

Photos by: Julien Pitinome

Video by: ExitFram Team

Exposition Matieres Sensibles -c- Julien
Exposition Matieres Sensibles -c- Julien
Exposition Matieres Sensibles -c- Julien
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