The exhibition is part of the accompanying program of the Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2022: We are the multitude.
Derealization, or disorder. A waking dream. So the impossibility of the world. Fear, apprehension and unreality. Can you believe in a world that cannot happen? And is it possible not to believe in the world that is made of concrete? The exhibition Derealization tells about curved spaces - different, sometimes repulsive and fascinating at the same time. Those in which identity ceases to be spirit and becomes flesh. It is a story about the emptiness of houses that cannot exist and those with an excess. Derealization is visual and aural narratives about places that disturb, irritate and delight with their reality.
12 artists from Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Italy and Egypt take part in the exhibition. It is a polyphony that was created this spring, which seemed unreal and impossible to everyone. The exhibition Derealization is an intimate memory of that time.
Vlad Nikorchuk
Maciej Skaza
Christoph Schwarz
Beata Malinowska-Petelenz
Paweł Wieczorek
Silvia Marcatoni Taddei / Massimo Sannelli
Robert Schwarz
Artem Humilevskiy
Anne Sophie Wass
Franciszek Araszkiewicz
Yara Mekawei
Curators: Anna Petelenz, Małgorzata Petelenz                                                                    MORE INFO

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Through the time of learning and practicing, experimenting and intensely discovering; between ambitious attempts to meticulously research musicology identity, I have keenly enjoyed a creative passion for writing about sound art in my mother tongue, Arabic.

I am delighted to announce my first book.

(There are sounds of the moving images.)

This Arabic text is about the history of digital art, and the contemporary conceptualization practices and theories through the ear vision, the sound as a philosophy and artistic medium.

As I wrote on its first page, I dedicate this book to Ahmed Basiony, my teacher, brother, and my friend. Who taught me how to use my ear.

I extend my thanks and love to the artist, my friend Ahmed Mohsen Mansour, who supported me and encouraged me to continue this work. Not only, but I would like to thank Mr. Yousif Al-Harbi, Director of the Culture and Arts Association in Dammam.

The book is a production of Saudi-Arabia society for culture and arts.

NOW you can order HERE