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No One Is Illegal

Video / Sound Installation  ​  

Bayreuth, Germany  2016

Things may seem different than what we see occasionally.

You can find other colors in parks than green ones.


You can preserve the environment by decreasing plastic consumption.


To maintain a clear mind, you need to like what you do, to like people around you.


On a Wednesday night, the soup has tasted from the corpses lying on the seashore.


I alone see the color purple in everything; the color green never manifested itself.


Change the bed mattress every week, that is better for you


Enjoy eight hours of sleep every night, that is better for you


Drink plenty of water, that is better for you.


Do not murder, do not betray, do not lie, do not hate, do not cry, do not forget, do not give up, do not bow down, do not speak, that is better for you.

This project is working and aims to clarify and introduced the concept of "illegal" human beings, full differences, and put in the foreground relationship between the Holocaust memorial in Berlin, the city of Death in Cairo, and the Syrian war, backgrounded with who are suffering in wars and persecution.

This is a personal perspective of a lot of stories with highlight the voices that Thoth dead, static in the architecture, how people lie in it in peace, and everyone is legal.

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