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Sonic Maps Unveiled: Mapping the World through Sonic Exploration

Sonic Studies and Practices workshops

The Symphony of Cities

In an ever-evolving world where urbanization reshapes our environments, the power of sound becomes an unsung storyteller, conveying the essence of cities. This project, my continuous endeavor, extends across continents, encapsulating the philosophy of listening, the art of sonic mapping, and the synthesis of science and creativity. Welcome to the world of sonic cartography.

The Philosophy of Listening: Listening is the art of connection. In an age when noise can overwhelm you, taking the time to truly listen is a revolutionary act. It is not just hearing; it's an invitation to participate in the world around us. This philosophy of listening forms the bedrock of our journey.

Sonic Mapping: Where Sound Becomes Art: We traverse the globe, documenting the auditory tapestry of cities. This is not a passive endeavor but an artful process, a dance between observer and observed. Through sound recording, we craft sonic maps that transcend conventional cartography.


Site-Specific Architectural Gems: Each city is an orchestra with its compositions. We explore site-specific architectural locations that influence the sonic identity of these urban landscapes. The harmonics of stone, wood, glass, and

steel converge to create unique soundscapes.


Temporal and Spatial Connections: Sound is a time traveler. In our recordings, we capture not just the vibrations of the present but echoes from the past and whispers of the future. By anchoring sonics in time and location, we breathe life into these echoes, inviting the listener to step into the shoes of another era or glimpse the possibilities that lie ahead.


The Symphony of the Soundscape: Cities are more than the sum of their structures; they are living soundscapes. The soundscape philosophy teaches us to perceive our surroundings as a composition—a symphony where nature, culture, and architecture harmonize. Our task is to unravel this intricate tapestry and share it with the world.


Deciphering the Physics of Sound: Recording is not just an art but a science. Each material carries its sonic signature. Stones resonate differently from wood; concrete has its language. Understanding the physics theories that govern sound recording is the key to decoding these signatures, to capturing the very essence of a city's soul.


Sonic Study and Practical Workshop: Our journey extends beyond exploration. We share our knowledge and passion with art academies and institutions around the world. In our workshops, we empower participants to become sonic cartographers. We equip them with the skills to draw their own sonic maps, to listen deeply, and to capture the spirit of their cities.


Sound as a Universal Language: As we travel from city to city, we realize that sound knows no borders. It is a universal language that transcends culture, geography, and time. Through our project and workshops, we seek to bridge the gap between urbanization and appreciation, between noise and beauty.


Our work is a celebration of the world's diversity and a reminder that even in the cacophony of modern life, there is artistry to be found. The philosophy of listening guides us, the theory of recording sound guides us, and the love for sonic exploration guides us. Join us on this journey of discovery, where we map the world one sound at a time and invite you to become a part of our global symphony. Welcome to the universe of Sonic Maps Unveiled.

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