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Sea Sound

Sound installation

Zurich, Switzerland 2018

This is the point where I dived in Sufi mystical history unconsciously.

Through my reading of Islamic history, especially the books that explain the mystical Sufism methods and my continuing visits to Sufi celebrations in Egypt and Senegal, I was concerned with how they deal with the Islamic religion! How do they worship? How do they celebrate religion!?. There are many Sufism celebrations in Egypt and Senegal is one of the most important countries where Sufism is based. I was keen to record the sounds of celebrations from different scenes and places. I deal with the voices and sounds that I recorded as a document in conjunction with the novels and books that talk about the history of the Sufi method, Through my project at Vienna, I will work to install text with sound, to embody a different audio image of the Sufi ideology. I want to transform the text of the novel into sounds, inspired by the spirit of mystical meanings that it contains, based on the recordings and the contents of the music of religious prayers.

In this project, I work on transferring the Sufi poems of Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, to soundwaves, inspired by his meaning of love; love GOD, how he describes his lover, the sea, sun, air, flowers, and the beauty of the universal; I convert the text into sound and drawing, based on the visual imaginations the poems gives you. Using some of the original poems in the soundtrack with my voice, and write them in my drawings.

Describing worship in love, communicating with the sky with lust, I had a romantic poetic entry to search in the Sufism, it is much deeper than it has many sailors. But he has a simple style and an easy way to express the method of the Sufi and the way to reach happiness.

This project is the first execution of the Journey, the diving in the seas of the Sufi, not only; but also the professional step in my career to transfer the text into sound.  Compose the sound of history, recall the voice of someone who has no records. 

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