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Shoubra Line
drawing/sound installation

In collaboration with Mina Nasr

Cairo, Egypt  2012


It’s just five minutes between one Metro station and the other in Cairo. Five minutes is enough to catch a glimpse of various characters: vendors, workers, travelers, and students. And, to hear the many ambient sounds: discussions between small groups of friends; people debating society and politics; the voices of vendors selling their wares, raising their voices above the sound of the train; sounds we are so accustomed to that we have learned to ignore; the sound of Egyptian pop that you hear sometimes coming from a mobile phone; or, someone sitting or standing next to you, speaking to no one but himself in a loud voice for the whole trip.

If you are a Metro passenger or not, “Shubra Line” invites you into this world, to understand it differently. This exhibition takes you on a transformed path, where you might hear something different along the way.

exhibition catalog

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