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Part1: performance at  Niobidensaal

Black Land – Performing Memory: Performances and Installations at the James-Simon-Galerie and Neues Museum on 21 and 23 July 2022

Part2: performance at Betonhalle, Silent Green.

“You are not the only one God created in this world, but you are the only one God created in my heart” from Akhenaten to Nefertiti

You are listening to history, hearing the ancients speak. Give it your attention.

It is the pressing desire to hear what those who went before us wrote in their papyri.

This desire drives my passion for converting text into sounds. Even though our current knowledge of the exact pronunciation of ancient languages varies. At that point, I am recording the translations of the ancient words into Arabic and trying to let the text speak in its verbal form. At the same time, I convert the text into sounds that are composed of the meanings of what is written.

What was discovered in the Elephantine papyri - documented historical information from ancient social eras - became clear to me in the papyri dating back to the Book of the Dead. I have been re-searching this for years, in order to compose sounds based on the Arabic translation of the original transcript, as well as the conceptual references uttered in the text.

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