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The Junction of the two seas

Sound Installation

Zurich, Switzerland 2019


The story of Moses (Musa in Arabic) is an important narrative in the Quran, and it is mentioned in multiple chapters throughout the book. Here is a brief summary of the story and its interpretation in the Quran:

Moses is born into the Israelite community in Egypt at a time when the Pharaoh ordered that all male newborns be killed. His mother places him in a basket and sets him adrift on the Nile River. The basket is discovered by the Pharaoh's wife, who takes Moses into her care and raises him as her own son.

As an adult, Moses becomes a prophet and is called by Allah to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. He confronts the Pharaoh and performs miracles, including turning his staff into a serpent and parting the Red Sea. After many struggles, Moses and the Israelites are finally able to escape from Egypt and travel to the promised land.

The story of Moses in the Quran has several important themes and teachings, including Divine guidance and intervention, the Importance of faith and obedience, The struggle between good and evil, and Justice and freedom.

The story of Moses in the Quran is a powerful and inspiring narrative that teaches important lessons about faith, perseverance, justice, and freedom.

The "Junction of the two seas" project deals with the audio and visual symbols that have occurred in the Prophet and the good servant. It's a simulation for deconstructing the symbols into elements, arranging them within a concrete framework, and making a composition that I read about, and did not see.


This project is based on musical adaptations inspired by the story, the voices of the Prophet and the good servant, the place of the story, and the junction of two seas; its passage in 3 groups of different people in the way of life and human qualities, the sounds that I hear from reading the story are voices of the fourth dimension, Not by people and nature, but rather by these sounds from an unknown source, obscure mysteries of Sufi mysticism.


I felt that I was in a dark room where I did not see anything. I have to switch on the light. I tried to decipher this story. I took it from text to elements and sounds. I worked with contemporary compositions to understand the secrets and mysteries of the story. Sufis have the ability to fly and to see the truth.

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