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Tilapia Talks

electronic music/video art


Tilapia fish have another name; (Musht) fish, Musht in Arabic means (comb)  its purpose is securing long hair in place, decorating the hair or keeping a kippah or skullcap in place, in order to get close to a range of social, specific group or personal highlight and enhance the prestige, which use to style the hair in one way or different ways, the same for the Tilapia, which go in a big groups, eat the same food and sleep together, you are one of the Tilapia who walks on the earth in less than one meter, you can see miles but still stand up in the same point, with the same group, doing the same actions without reactions, your territory is not the center of the world, your territory just a foot stomp on the street after walking in a shit, do not expects that one of them will interview you in a comfortable and luxury place, they will listen to you and judge you and both of you will die after the sound of camera’s shutter.

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