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You can’t merge the color with the sun 


Johannesburg, South Africa 2018

I have been interested in years of drawing the sound waves that I hear, turning frequencies into visuals, each of us has his own visual expression of what we hear from sounds even if it's similar in nature, but different reactions, expressions related to personal memories. With the diagram of the sound spectrum, you can see the sound, measured with the decibels, and occur over a particular period of time in a given sample.

I go on to explain that through her research and work methodology which is attempting to record the frequency of sound waves that exist and travel through buildings and old architectural structures. This sound is placed on soundtracks that are mixed with ambient noise present within these spaces.

By recording 16 hours of 3 towns in South Africa; Johannesburg central, Chinatowns, and Soweto, and unpacking various sounds of the city such as the sounds of markets, the bustling streets, the sounds of different languages being spoken as well as transportation. In 3 different areas, I reformed the sound records into their final format, as a 3D sculptural object – thus making the sound of the city visible in a single identifiable object.

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